Your life and ministry context demands a highly flexible course of study. We have a solution for you! Our course offerings are highly flexible and can be customized and adjusted to your ever-changing personal circumstances. You will meet students just start- ing out in ministry – in their late twenties – and you will meet students who have already spent many, many years in cross-cultural ministry. They all share the desire to reflect on their ministry experience through structured study and renew their vision through thorough theological perspectives. more
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Our supervisory board deals mostly with strategic and financial decisions relating to AWM. more
Many Cultures - One Passion Many cultures - fascinating, but sometimes somewhat irritating! Whether far away or right next door in our neighborhood they provide opportunities to learn and opportuniti... more
Operations, personnel issues, strategic initiatives, as well as marketing and fundraising – all these are discussed and decided in the Leadership Team. more
Our small yet dynamic team serves our students and faculty with expertise and service orientation more
Our colleagues in the continuing education team are looking forward to hearing from you! more
The director of the EIMI Institute is Dr. Yassir Eric - he is a specialist in Islamic Studies and has both an immigrant's background as well as a German doctorate in theology. more
This team cares for the physical wellbeing of our guests, students, teachers, colleagues at AWM... more
We are tremendously grateful to have such a great team of teachers and professors! They are experts in their fields with rich, practical experience and they truly enjoy sharing their knowledge and com... more
AWM is a non-profit organisation founded and maintained by three shareholders. All three shareholders desire to provide cross-cultural theological education and they support AWM's operations in many w... more
AWM Vision
Interested to find out more about AWM's Mission and Purpose? Our goals describe the essence of our organizational character and purpose... more
Your support is needed
Support us through Prayer We experience many wonderful things with students, guests and teachers at AWM, yet we are also conscious that our ministry is often challenging and challenged. AWM is a plac... more
Friends of the University
Founded in 2006, we seek to support the Academy for World Mission in a variety of ways – would you like to join in? more
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By statute 25% of membership fees go directly into our scholarship fund. This is supplemented by designated, individual donations. Students may submit their application for a scholarship by May 31 of... more
Ever since the Friends of the University association was established in 2006 it has awarded the Ludwig-Krapf-Prize yearly. The endowment is 500€. Who was Ludwig Krapf? He was born in Derendingen, Ger... more
AWM gGmbH Hindenburgstraße 3670825 Korntal-Münchingen Germany Tel.: ++49(0)711/839 65-0 Fax: ++49(0)711/839 65-329 Opening times of the front desk: Monday-Friday: 8:30am-1pm a... more
Only 10 minutes by public transportation from the Stuttgart main train station, AWM is located in a quiet, picturesque neighborhood. Although, Korntal is a small town it offers various stores, banks, and a post office within walking distance. The Stuttgart Airport is only 45 minutes by public transportation. more
Our campus is located on a beautiful sloping landscape. Our terrace and gardens provide places to simply "be". The volleyball-court is ideal for those who prefer more active ways to "clear the head". ... more
Class rooms
Teaching and learning is our main business - therefore, it is vitally important that our classrooms provide a pleasant learning environment while still remaining functionally flexible.  Our classroom... more
Our Cafeteria
Our cafeteria - not just a place to eat lunch! This is where classroom discussions are continued and deepened and where friendships are built! At 13:00 sharp our lunches are served - freshly cooked -... more
Our Guest rooms
Furnished guestrooms are available for our students and meals are served during our seminars/courses. Each floor has collective showers, restrooms, a kitchenette and a dining/lounge area. Our 40 beds... more
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Our on-site inventory contains more than 30.000 items and many periodicals. Our library primarily serves our students and faculty. The majority of titels are available in German and English with a strong emphasis on theological and missiological volumes. more
Our library´s main task is to make accessible the appropriate literature and information required for our faculty and students. Our fields of focus are Theology, Missiology and Intercultural Studies ... more
Based on a valid libary card you can do research or extend the loan period: Catalog & Library Account more