Our supervisory board deals mostly with strategic and financial decisions relating to AWM as an institution. The Academy Leadership Team meets with the board with voice but without vote.

We are tremendously thankful for the members of our board who not only bring experience and professionalism to the table, but also passion and heart.

Membership of the board is defined in the legal charter of AWM.


  • Rainer Becker, Director of Marburger Mission

Members of the Board

  • Klaus Andersen, Weltlicher Vorsteher Ev. Brüdergemeinde Korntal
  • Angelika Marsch
  • Wolfgang Büsing, Director AEM-D
  • Peter Dürrstein, Chairman DÜRR DENTAL
  • Heinrich Finger, Director VDM
  • Beat Leuthold, President AEM-CH
  • Dieter Stiefelhagen, Director Mülheim Association of Free Churches and Evangelical Communities