Ways you can help!

Help us to raise AWM’s recognition as a cutting edge cross-cultural training institution.  

Support a student – “your” student with designated donations (link to procedure). This can be done individually or as a church.

 Help us to finance the ministry of AWM

  • through one-time or regular donations

  • by becoming a member of the “Friends of the University” Association (Link to application form)

Can you think of other ways to promote and support AWM? We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Bank Information

AWM-Förderverein e.V.
VR-Bank Stuttgart eG
Kto. 158 264 002
BLZ 600 901 00

IBAN DE66 6009 0100 0158 2640 02

AWM-Förderverein Switzerland (SFR)
Post-Finance-Konto-Nr. 80-752890-0
IBAN CH07 0900 0000 8075 2890 0