Partnership with Columbia International University

Columbia International University (CIU) in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, is internationally recognized as one of the leading North American colleges and seminaries with a special emphasis on cross-cultural training. Fewer are aware of the German location for CIU in Korntal that makes these accredited degree programs available in Europe. CIU-Korntal operates in partnership with the Association of Evangelical Missions in Germany and Switzerland and is the academic department of the AWM (Your academy. Our world. God’s mission.) located in Korntal.


Degree tracks are available in German, English, and Arabic. Through the CIU-Korntal campus, English speakers can complete the requirements for graduate and postgraduate degrees without leaving Europe.

In addition, courses can be completed at the CIU campus in Columbia, or transferred from other accredited seminaries. CIU offers a wide variety of degrees at the Master’s level completely online. Students in full-time ministry positions are able to take courses online through the CIU-Korntal while staying in their ministry locations.

We are thankful and celebrate over 30 years of fruitful cross-cultural partnership in education together!