Certificate of Advanced Studies BA

CAS in Culture & Theology

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is a flexible learning concept for your equipping in intercultural service.

We offer practical training for those searching for a solid foundation in how to relate to people of other cultures, whether in their career, in missions, development work or working with immigrants. This certificate is perfect for those who are not seeking an academic title, but want the best training for their future service.


  • Understand the cultural dimensions of humans and their societies.
  • Develop the skills for reflection on cultural and theological matters.
  • Learn how to apply theologically sound principles to different cultural contexts.

This certificate can also be applied as a Intercultural Studies major or focus for those who already have a Bachelor's degree, whether as an Engineer, social worker or teacher.

Of course our MA degrees are available as a course of study for all those who have a Bachelor's degree. 

Courses and Admissions:

At this time all required courses for this certificate are only available in German, listed below:


 You can see a list of all current BA level courses here.

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