Description Master-Programs

Are you challenged to formulate and convey biblically founded theology across cultural borders?

Our degree programs will enable you to deal with religious, dogmatic and ethical questions as well as practical missionary and congregational issues in a biblically sound and contextually relevant way.

In addition to the competence to interpret the Bible contextually, this also includes the ability to sensitively perceive and interpret current cultural contexts. The courses of study ultimately serves to enable students to communicate with people who have been shaped by different cultures, whether at home or abroad.

Each study program consists of an ethos core (18 SE = 30 ECTS) and a concentration (36 SE = 60 ECTS). The ethos core includes six courses which lay the biblical-theological foundation which the various concentration areas build upon.

With appropriate educational background in Bible and Theology, applicants may receive advanced standing without credit for the ethos core courses.



WITH theology background



The Modular System provides further information about the structure of the courses.

You may take your first course in any of our terms per academic year - our admission counselor will help you get started.

CIU Korntal offers the following degrees:

MA Culture & Theology
Developing a sound hermeneutical approach to the Scriptures and to theological questions in other cultures in an informed and culturally sensitive manner is a challenge ... more
MA in Intercultural Leadership
Are you challenged to reflect your understanding and practice of leadership in a cross-cultural context historically and ethically? This programs offers you an opportunity to do just that (completely in English!)... more
MA in Intercultural Studies
The M.A. in Intercultural Studies prepares you for life, work, and ministry in an ever-changing, culturally diverse world. more
Master of Divinity
The M.Div. (Ministry Studies) provides you with a comprehensive range of biblical-theological knowledge and practical skills for ministry leadership in a variety of contexts. more

The Certificate:

Certificate Programs
Not enough time for a complete degree program? How about a Certificate of Advanced Studies on the graduate level? more