Engaging the Secular Mind - ONLINE

Moodle: 23.09.24 - 10.01.2025
Video Classes: 30.09.2024 - 06.12.2024
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Topics covered
AWM-course-no: 2240204 CIU-course-no: ICS 6525
Course schedule: 01.10.2024, 08.10.2024, 15.10.2024, 22.10.2024, 29.10.2024, 05.11.2024, 12.11.2024, 19.11.2024, 26.11.2024, 03.12.2024
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Drawing from the fields of epistemology, literature, political history, anthropology, apologetics and theology, this multi-disciplinary course will enlarge your understanding of what secularism in the West is and how best to engage its fundamental belief system.

Usually offered every two years.

This course includes three phases:

Pre-class: starts with class phase

Class: online (Live-Video/Moodle), ten weeks, one night per week (7:00 to 09:30 pm) with sefl-study inbetween, appr. 80-90 hours study time required.

Post-class: online (Moodle), five weeks following class with appr. 45-55 hours of study time to finish assignments.

More details are available in the module description ...

Raphaël Anzenberger
(Ph.D./D.Min., Columbia International University, USA) Director of imagoDei, President of France Evangelisation and CEO of the Global Evangelists Forum. He serves as ambassador at large for the board of the ...

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M.A. Tuition Fee 3 Credits 695 €
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M.A. Registration Fee 40 €
M.A. Late Registration Fee 20 €
M.A. Tuition Fee Auditor 390 €