MA in ICL degree in English

Are you challenged to reflect your understanding and practice of leadership in a cross-cultural context? This program offers you an opportunity to do just that so that you are then able to support native leaders and churches in the development of their own structures and leadership principles.

In English!

Earn your MA in Germany – at your own pace! Designed for leaders and decision makers serving around the world.

  • Integrates into your life – no need to relocate
  • Courses fully online or with short on-campus-periods (5 days/course)
  • North American and German accreditation (SACS, ABHE, evalag)
  • Geared towards reflective practitioners
  • Personal academic advisor


Admissions Requirements:
Accredited Bachelor’s Degree
Minimum of 15 cr.hrs. Bible/Theology/History
At least one year of content specific ministry experience

33 credit hours
2,5 –10 years, minimum 1 course/year

Per course (3 cr.hrs.): 610,– €
Pay as you go!
Room and board available.

Ideally January with required course “Mission & Methods of Theology” (fully online), or any other on-campus-period for English courses. Application to be submitted two months prior to the first course.

Courses offered:

CAS in Intercultural Leadership

Not enough time for a complete degree program? How about a Certificate of Advanced Studies on the graduate level? With short on campus periods (five days/course) or fully online?

** may be substituted with elective if successfully completed before

Lifelong learning opportunities allow you to continuously acquire skills for your area of ministry. Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) serve exactly this purpose. This CAS consists of four courses on the graduate level (12 cr.hrs.) and is therefore ideally suited to help you:

  • master current challenges through specialized training.
  • deepen your knowledge and expand your skills without having to commit to a complete degree program.
  • get a qualified introduction to a topic while opening up options for further studies.

Completed CAS courses can be applied towards a master’s degree at CIU Korntal or transferred to other universities.

Interested? Questions?

Carolin Lepter
Admission Counselor

Carolin Lepter

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