Leadership Change at AWM

Wechsel im Rektorat

Dear AWM-Friends around the World!

Allow us to share some of the latest developments here at the AWM with you.

President Traugott Hopp asked our board to start the process of handing over his responsibilities as president to a new leader by the end of this year.

He has lead the AWM ably for 16 years – and anticipates another 10 years before formal retirement. Traugott Hopp strongly feels that another 10 years of his leadership may not be the most beneficial option for all involved. Now seems to be an opportune time for such a process as the current leadership team and faculty provide a good and solid foundation for a change in the President’s offi27ce.

The next steps are:

The AWM Board has accepted Traugott’s wish to step down and has taken active steps to prepare for and lead this change. A Search & Transition Committee was formed. It is led by our chairwoman Angelika Marsch and consists of two other board members and Traugott Hopp.

This is where we stand – let us assure you that many conversations, personal developments, prayer and listening to God were part of this decision making process. Part of the task for the next few months is to bring many years of collaboration to a close – appreciatively, carefully and trustingly. In a parallel process the readiness to welcome a new leader can and should grow.

We appreciate your prayers in the following areas:

  • That God would prepare a person for the top leadership position at the AWM
  • Wisdom and clarity for the Search & Transition Committee
  • Good cooperation and companionship within the AWM-Team as we seek a successful transition.

Warmest greetings – your AWM-Leadership Team

Traugott Hopp
The native hesse studied theology at "Theologischen Seminar Tabor" and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Chicago (USA) with a focus on Old Testament and Mission Studies. He was a professor o ...