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Suchet, so werdet ihr finden...

Website Version 2.0

On May fifth our intercultural team (designer from Romaina, programmer from Romania, IT-Genius from Swabia, and Business Adminstrator from Swabia) has launched a new version of our website.

New features include:

  • Search
  • English menu
  • design improvment
  • improved security

It is always a success, when a development step is finished (we call it a Sprint). But we still have some stuff ahead of us such as

  • Share and Print buttons on every page such that you can recommend a cours to others

  • Newsletter management and presentation

  • Connect our pricelist with course description and registration form

  • We also think of integrating an online learning platform (eg. Moodle or Ilias). Howver we want an internal area for students.

We appreciate all kind of hints - please use the "Feedback" in the service menu at the bottom of the page.