Award Winner 2011

Preisträger 2011

Adnan Al-Masoud and Anatoli Uschomirski

The Ludwig-Krapf-Prize recognizes exceptional friendships between remarkable people. It was a great witness to experience the friendship between Adnan and Anatoli. Both men are pastors in Germany and both are pursuing a degree at the AWM. 

Anatoli Uschomirski is a Jew. He became a Christian in Kiew in 1992 and in the same year moved with his family to Germany. He has been working for the "Evangeliumsdienstes für Israel" since 1994. He is the founder and pastor of the messianic church "Schma Israel" in Stuttgart.

Adnan Al-Masoud was born in the Syrian capitol Damaskus. In 1988 he came to Germany to study geophysics. He was raised as a Muslim but became a Christian 14 years ago. Since then he has become the pastor of two arabish churches, one in Stutgart the other in Heilbronn.