Bernhard Ott

Bernhard Ott

(Ph.D., Missiology, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies/The Open University, UK) After several years of work with an architect, Bernhard Ott changed course very early in his professional life. He studied theology and missiology in Fresno (California) and at the Oxford Center of Mission Studies, earning his PhD from The Open University, UK. For many years he directed the Theologisches Seminar Bienenberg (Liestal, Switzerland). He is an expert in theological education in Europe and around the world, serving – among other commitments – also as Chairman of the European Council for Theological Education (ECTE). In his role as Professor Extraordinarius of the University of South Africa (UNISA) he supervises theses and dissertations. In 2006 Bernhard Ott became director of the ESCT-doctoral programs. In addition, he took on the role of ESCT-Academic Dean in September 2013 until summer of 2018. He now supervises doctoral students in the dissertation process.

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Bernhard Ott

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