Faculty Directed Studies

Faculty Directed Study (FDS) addresses a specific topic for an individual or a group under the tutoring of a professor. No more than 1/3 of a program may be taken via FDS.

Students apply for an FDS via their academic advisors. Legitimate reasons for FDS are:

  • Students desire to study a topic which is relevant for their ministry but which is not covered in any of the regular courses: ODER
  • a required course is not offered during the student's last semester with no alternatives (resident or online).

FDS will not be approved for topics covered in class during the same time period. The student´s advisor coordinates the FDS by contacting the Dean/Program Coordinator and a potential professor.

The professor develops a syllabus which includes content, goals, assignments, and grading information. The workload is equivalent to a regular course at 50 hours per credit hour. Once the syllabus is approved by the Dean, the student may start to work on the FDS. The FDS will be registered upon completion.

This Checklist (currently only in German - we apologize) also serves as the registration form for the FDS upon completion: