The religion of Islam and Muslims in Germany

Islam - beliefs and practices

Islam teaches five obligations and six articles of faith. What these contain and how they effective the lives of believers will be conveyed and developed together with course participants.

Understanding Islam, interacting with Muslims

What do Muslims believe and how do they express those beliefs? How does their religion effect their daily lives? How does Islam impact their world view and behavior? Understanding Muslims from the perspective of their worldview and background is the prerequististe for being able to encounter them in an adequate manner and find access to their hearts. Only than will we have the sensitivity to find points of contact and possible stumbling blocks. This course seeks to make possible the dialogue of life.

Do Christians and Muslims believe in the same God? Differences and Similarities  

Muslims and Christians agree that there is only one God. However, the differences in how this God should be worshipped and what a believers life should look like become very apparent. Nonetheless we hear from both sides that in essence they pray to the same God. Could it be that God recognizes both forms of worship and practice and that in the end it doesn´t really matter to which Faith we belong?  Or are the differences so extensive that it is impossible to derivate everything from the same God?

God in Christentum and Islam

Unique, merciful, omnipotent. Many adjectives that are used to describe God are found in both Chistianity and Islam. Do Christians and Muslims define these terms the same? What view of God is communiated in Islam and Christianity? Where are the similarities and differences that cause us to speak of two different faiths?

Jesus in Islam and Koran

In addition to the Bible the Koran also gives an account of Jesus. Muslims admire/worship Jesus. Their faith would not be the same if they did not. After Mohammed, Jesus is the most important prophet. What view of Jesus is communicated in the Koran and how can we get into a conversation with Muslims about it in order to build a bridge to them?

Koran and Bible - Origin, Similarities, Differences

Today it is assumed that the Bible was revealed over many centuries and was written by many different human authors at different locations. In contrast, Islam teaches that the Koran was revealed solely to Mohammed and was written in a few years. The origin of both books and the consequences for believers will be highlighted and compared.

Islam in Germany - Organization and current development, Issues and Questions

"Islam belongs to Germany" - no matter what one´s opinion to this statement is, the presence of Islam in Germany cannot be denied. What islamic organizations are there and what are their objectives? How has islam developed in the last decade and what are the resulting opportunities and challenges for society? Issues such as building Mosques, wearing a hijab and islamic religion classes have triggered social dynamics that should be addressed and confronted.


Yassir Eric
(Dr. theol., Protestant University Wuppertal, M.A. Ev. Theologie, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, M.A. Missiology, Columbia International University) He is a theologian, missiologist, an outstanding ...