Guests and Students

Gäste und Studierende

They come from all possible backgrounds, professional areas, from all continents and from every imaginable life context. One thing they have in common: they live and work cross-culturally, seek to reflect their experiences and develop through education.

They don't stay long - a few days, two weeks. This makes it all the more important for us to create a safe environment in which they may think through their - quite often very challenging experiences in seminars and courses.

We also desire to create an environment which consciously makes room for encounters with God and with each other. Our chapel times and coffee breaks are part of this emphasis. But working in small groups and sharing meals together also make room for sharing and for encouragement. Sometimes it is hard to remember what was served for lunch because the conversation was so lively and intense...

Curious about checking out this wealth of experiences with God and life?

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Admission Counselors
Our admission counselors will take time to get to know you, your ministry context and your family situation in order to find the best suited program. more