Pastoral Care Skills

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Course focus: ICL, CTH, MDiv, GLS MA
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AWM-course-no: 2140703 CIU-course-no: CNC 6400
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This course develops a basic understanding of Pastoral Care knowledge and skills that prepare the ministry practitioner to relate gently and skillfully to the inner areas of individuals lives. Additionally, it assists with understanding the elements that make up each person's sense of self, their inner resources, resilience and capacity to cope with major life crises, death, and loss. The course is centered around practical theological activities that draws on a rich religious tradition and theology that focuses on the integration of person, faith, belief, method, and practice. Specific Skill development include ability development in comforting, encouraging, befriending, attending, listening, understanding, comforting, and caring as addressed in the context of social and personal dynamics of caring for the wounded soul/person.

Michael W. Langston

(Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, UK; D.Min., Bethel Theological Seminary, USA) Professor of Chaplain Ministries at Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina (USA).


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