NL-BEUGEN: Situation of Migrants Today

Unterricht: 09.12.2017 - 09.12.2017
Dieser Kurs gehört zu IBSEMI
AWM-Kurs-Nr: 8171904

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Cornerstone Centre for Intercultural Studies
Hagelkruisstraat 19
5835 BD Beugen
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 485 - 369130

contact person Lizzie Fonseca
Telephone +31 (0) 485 369130

Seminarbeginn: 9:30 Uhr / Seminarende: 17:30 Uhr

Das Seminar wird in englischer Sprache unterrichtet.


This module helps to understand the present situation of migrants in Europe from a historical perspective. How do migrants in Europe live? What do they learn, which schools do they go to? Do they get involved with society? Assimilation, parallel society or integration? How is the situation of mi-grants today? This seminar deals with the theoretical background and both the problems and opportunities of migration and tries to answer the above questions. In groups the everyday experiences of the participants will be reflected upon and discussed. Furthermore, practical examples from recent migration research and national migration stories will be part of the course.

Learning Objectives:
- Developing an understanding of migrants
- Gaining on overview of the history of migration
- Perceiving the difference in lifestyle of a local population and migrants
- Realistically evaluating the influence of migration on society on the basis of demographical facts

Main Topics:
- Migration: Historical and Conceptual Approach
- Migration in history
- Forms of migration
- Figures and facts about today’s situation
- Heterogeneous migration in Central Europe
- Socio-demographic structure (population, age structure, training, labour market participation and education, unemployment, poverty and crime rate, asylum seekers, refugees)
- Change of paradigm through immigration law
- The situation of children and underage migrants (education)
- Migration and milieus
- Institutions for migration an dintegration on a political and church level

Yassir Eric
(Dr. theol., Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel, M.A. Ev. Theologie, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, M.A. Missiologie, Columbia International University). Er ist Theologe, Missiologe, ausgewiesen ...


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