De-Briefing Training for Member Care Staff

Unterricht: 27.03.2014 - 30.03.2014
Closed Einschreibeschluss:
Dieser Kurs gehört zu SEMI
AWM-Kurs-Nr: 7140121

An awareness of:

  • A brief history of debriefing
  • The difference between debriefing and counselling
  • One's own limitations and the importance of support and referral
  • Ethics, confidentiality

KNowledge of:

  • Debriefing theory
  • The seven step model of debriefing
  • Individual and group debriefing
  • How to structure a debriefing
  • Routine and critical incident debriefing
  • Introduction to basic and cumulative stress and burnout

Understanding of:

  • Transition and cross cultural adjustment
  • Re-entry / culture shock
  • The place of the cross in missionary care


  • Recognizing what interventions to use when and where within the framework of the seven step model
  • Applying the scriptures to situations involving loss and grief
  • How to use tools, e.g., the stress assessment questionnaire, life even stress chart
  • How to do simple career interviews
  • How to debrief an individual / a group
Annemie Großhauser
Diplom-Psychologin, Fortbildung in Traumatherapie; war mit ihrer Familie 18 Jahre lang in der christlichen Entwicklungshilfe tätig (Ostafrika und Zentralasien); seit 2000 ist sie international als Member Ca ...


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