Reaching the Nations through your profession

Unterricht: 28.11.2013 - 01.12.2013
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Tentmaking and Business as mission

  • The Biblical basis for tentmaking
  • The Biblical view of work
  • The international job market and how to find a job
  • Business as Mission
  • Hospitality
  • Workplace evangelism
  • Tentmaking and mission agencies
  • Church planting

Would you be willing to use your professional skills to reach the nations with the Gospel? Then the GO Equipped TENTmaking & Business as mission course is perfect for you. At this course you´ll be introduced to insights and ministry skills you´ll need to know if you want to have the combined joy of using your profession and bringing the good news about Jesus to new places. You will not be asked to leave your profession - just to move your skills to another part of the world.

The vast majority of the least reached people groups in the world live within nations that do not issue visas for missionaries. But Christian professionals are welcome everywhere.

Global Opportunities and Tent have developed this course together. Currently they are running annual tentmaking courses in five nations.


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