Christlike Leadership Across Cultures

Moodle: 07.10.2024 - 03.01.2025
Unterricht: 04.11.2024 - 08.11.2024
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AWM-Kurs-Nr: 2240302 CIU-Kurs-Nr: BIB/ICL 6096

Class on Korntal campus

Christology, particularly, Christ's humanity, is the center of the discussion of this course and the Christlikeness and Christlike leadership development are the desired outcomes of the course across cultures. By using the Bible and historical theology, we take a Trinitarian approach to both biblical and Christian leadership. More specifically, the role of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is addressed through: Ontological theology - Father God as the origin of leadership (the nature of being and becoming). Christological Anthropology - Christ, as fully God and fully human, is the constant prototype for Christian leadership, and Christlikeness as a human possibility through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Pneumatology - Holy Spirit as the enabler and the maker of Christlike leaders and followers

Usually offered every year.

This course includes three phases:

Pre-class: online (Moodle), 4-6 weeks prior to class with 20-30 hours of study time.

Class: on Korntal campus (dates above) with 30-35 hours of study time including class hours.

Post-class: online (Moodle), 8 weeks following class with appr. 80 hours of study time to finish assignments.

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One student's experience:
„Christlike Leadership – einer der besten Kurse, die ich bisher in Korntal gemacht habe. Sicher mit einem hohen Risiko, persönlich angesprochen zu werden! Unsere Gemeinden und Kirchen sollten diese Inhalte hören und umsetzen, wenn wir relevant für Deutschland sein wollen. Mögen noch viele andere in den Genuss dieses Kurses und dessen Inhalte kommen."

Petros G. Malakyan
(Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary, USA) von 2010 bis 2016 Associate Professor für Leadership and Life Coach am Center for Life Calling and Leadership, Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, USA. ...


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