Praxis Related Research - ONLINE

Moodle: 17.10.2022 - 20.01.2023
Videounterricht: 24.10.2022 - 20.01.2023
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AWM-Kurs-Nr: 2220502 CIU-Kurs-Nr: RES 7962

This course is mainly self-guided study!

This course leads students into the practice and science of good research. Students will be inducted into the basic methods and questions of the scientific approach to research. You will learn to develop a research project: Define the research problem, create a literature review, and define your research design (Research question(s), methods and tools).

• Students that complete their MA through the Practical Project and Final Paper will draft their Final Paper (CMP 7100).

• Students that are writing a Master’s Thesis will write their proposal draft in class as part of their proposal process (RES 6501).

This course is an important part of completing any of the Master’s degree programs at CIU Korntal. When you register for the class, you will need to clarify with your Academic Advisor if you have completed all necessary requirements before taking the course, and show that you are ready to begin the final portion of your studies. They will check that you have 1) successfully completed the necessary prerequisites and courses, and 2) assist you with the final decision about which pathway to degree-completion fits best. Further information about choosing the path and the final courses can be found in the Moodle Lounge.

This course is mainly self-guided study.

Although it takes place over a period of 12 weeks, there will not be 12 Zoom sessions. Students will have a few Zoom sessions with the professors and others students to check in on their progress.

First video conference will be on Monday 24 October 2022 - 10.00 a.m.

Further information about the dates of the Zoom sessions as well as the details of the course will be communicated after registration.

Leistungsnachweise können auch auf DEUTSCH eingereicht werden!

Elmar Spohn

(D.Th., University of South Africa) war acht Jahre Missionar in Tansania und ist seit 2013 Dozent für interkulturelle Studien bei CIU Korntal.

Joachim Pomrehn
(Ph.D., Columbia International University) Auf ein Studium der Theologie in Deutschland und der Schweiz folgte eine Zeit der Gemeindearbeit, pastoralen Seelsorge und Begleitung von Christen mit dem Ziel der ...
Thomas Kröck
(Dr. agr., Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen; MA Interkulturelle Studien, CIU) war von 1989-99 in Tansania tätig. Von 1999 bis 2012 betreute er Projekte in Indien und Nepal. Seit 2012 ist er Studienleiter fü ...


M.A. Studiengebühr 3 Credits 630 €
M.A. Studiengebühr 3 Credits AEM 520 €
M.A. Einschreibegebühr 40 €
M.A. Späteinschreibegebühr 20 €
M.A. Gasthörergebühr 390 €
Online-Gebühr 30 €