Developing Leaders Cross-Culturally

Moodle: 13.11.2017 - 09.02.2018
Unterricht: 11.12.2017 - 15.12.2017
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AWM-Kurs-Nr: 2170404 CIU-Kurs-Nr: ICL/ITE 6098

This course will help you consider the values, reasoning processes, teaching and learning processes, and developmental theories that are needed for leadership development to be culturally relevant. The overall aim of this course is to help you build a Christian philosophy for culturally-relevant leadership development.

This course includes three phases:

  • Phase 1: online (Moodle), 4-6 weeks prior to on-campus-period with approximately 30 hours of study time.

  • Phase 2: on-campus period at Korntal (dates above) with appr. 40 hours of study time including class hours.

  • Phase 3: online (Moodle), 4 weeks following on-campus period with appr. 80 hours of study time to finish assignments.

Marlene Enns
(Ph.D. Educational Studies, Trinity International University, Ill, USA). Born and raised in Asunción, Paraguay as a daughter of German background missionaries born in the former Soviet Union. Therefore, she ...


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