Biblical Leadership Across Cultures

Moodle: 16.06.2014 - 17.09.2014
Unterricht: 14.07.2014 - 23.07.2014
Closed Einschreibeschluss:
Kurs Schwerpunkt: MDiv, ICL, BIB MA
AWM-Kurs-Nr: 2131003 CIU-Kurs-Nr: BIB/ICL 6096

We long for an understanding of leadership which is grounded in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ! In this course we will focus on the universal applicability and cross-cultural relevancy of Christ-like leadership. Special attention will also be given to the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian leadership as well as current cultural issues in modern leadership studies.

Petros G. Malakyan
(Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary, USA) von 2010 bis 2016 Associate Professor für Leadership and Life Coach am Center for Life Calling and Leadership, Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, USA. ...


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